Light Reading: Thoughts on When You’re Strange

This is a little snack. A little something from the kitchen of inspiration for those of you who aren’t in the mood for a full meal. Believe me, I understand. Sometimes it’s better to eat light.

Thoughts on When You’re Strange

When you’re strange

Pink women turn up their noses

And the men shake their heads

But I wouldn’t give up a minute of this bitter shake

To their shallow view

The copper taste of nighttime lights

Lines my mouth

And a thousand pleasures glimpsed through the round lights of the midway

Are worth more than their acceptance

Oh, people are strange when you’re a stranger

But they don’t know what nighttime fields I’ve wandered

What abandoned house I’ve plundered

For its midnight secrets

Leaving lines in the dust and nothing more

They don’t know what curls my copper lips into a crooked smile

And never will