The Theory of Relativity

“Everything in this world is relative, my dear Watson.” – Sherlock Holmes

Everything is relative.
I wrote it on the board in big white letters,
went back to my desk and stared at it.
I was proud of my new discovery,
of my new eternal truth
like I had discovered the newest e=mc2
And I took it very seriously,
frowning at it as I considered
how very relative everything was.

Everything is relative.
It became my new mantra,
my answer for everything,
my tension killer.
Everything is relative.
It is the universal tool,
what more do you need?

Then I read the Sherlock quote
ten years later
and wondered why no one had told me.
Why someone along the line
hadn’t been good enough to say
it had been done before,
that I had other things to aspire to,
other thoughts to see to.

Holmes already has that covered,
What do you need me to do?