Giving Thanks

I have always written and always wanted to be read. The joy of WordPress is that I can write and I am usually, if not always, read. It’s a pleasure to know that what I wish to share with other people can be shared without a middleman eyeing it and claiming it unfit for the reading world. However, I would not be here if it was not for two (?) bloggers who, entirely unbeknownst to them, are the reason I came here to¬† share. Today, I wish to highlight and thank them.

First is Last Night’s Parties and Last Night’s Horrorshow. I stumbled across them one lonely night looking for answers and Tom Waits quotes. I have been a regular ever since. Their posts are (and I say they, because according to their About page, they’re a family of bloggers) are like a nightclub after hours. You can tell a thing or two about who was playing by the glitter on the floor, the notes written on napkins, and the looks on the faces of the after hours crew. You may even catch the end of the show, but you can never predict who or what will be playing. Their posts range from the historical to the paranormal, poetry to prose, silly to serious and when I’m not getting what I want from the rest of the world, when I’m blue, they satisfy much like Tom does. So I saunter in, take a seat, and listen to what they have to say about it all.

Second is The Regency Redingote, something I found when I began research into the fashion of the Regency Era. According to her About page, Kathryn has a passion for and a college education in English history with particular focus on the Regency. She writes in an effort to educate readers and writers of Regency fiction which, like all historical fiction, can sometimes fall prey to terrible anachronism and inaccuracy. Kathryn’s posts are always informative and interesting (one of my favorites is about the history of ketchup) and she ends them with a little nod to writers, asking what inspiration they might draw from the post (and we like inspiration).

I recommend both blogs to anybody looking for a little something to add to their “Following” list. You can’t go wrong with LNPALNHS (I claim credit as the first to abbreviate it, ha!) and as long as you have an interest in history and are open to learning about this often-overlooked era, you’ll find something on The Regency Redingote to please you.

In conclusion, thank you to Kathryn Kane at The Regency Redingote and, well, everybody at Last Night’s Parties and Last Night’s Horrorshow. I wouldn’t have found my way to this place without you.