Cause and Effect or Inspiration (or lack thereof) and Result

Inspiration is a funny thing. Like I mentioned in my about page, I’m finding the difference between purposeful creation and art as a result of inspiration interesting. Inspiration can come quickly, loudly and strongly, urging you to write lest you lose that electrical charge it left you with. And inspiration can come to your door like a well-fed stray, waiting for you to realize that all it wants is petting and it will cuddle up to you…it will be a relationship of give, not take. But still, it comes to you. Then there’s creation, where you’re in control and very little of it seems worth- while. Sometimes what you write feels like a Frankenstein experiment, drawn together from a group of disparate parts: a bastardization of what results from inspiration. But what can come of it…Sometimes, I’m surprised. Sometimes what I’m certain will be a yellow-eyed, lank-haired Thing turns out to be a well-spoken, emotional Creation.

I guess this is the reaching for the fire part.

I am planning on publishing a new blog every Thursday, and I would like to begin with a two part series. The first part giving you an example of a work that came to me like a well-fed stray: pure inspiration, if slow inspiration.  The second part is a work that came to me because I created it on purpose with no inspiration at all. In fact, if we could measure in negative inspiration, this piece would have come from somewhere around a negative five. I went to the workbench and started carving (or half-heartedly shaving) without having any idea where I was going or what was going to happen.

Is this scientific? Not in the least. Is it objective? Nope. But it is something to draw your own empirical observations from, if you wish.

‘Til Thursday.