Young Hearts, All We Need…

Young Hearts

The singer sha na na’s his way through a neo new wave jam
and I waltz
across the floor to his music
hearing his words:
“we’re young hearts,
look at us go,
all we really need is a stereo.”
I’m unconvinced.
You see,
it’s hit a bitter chord with me.
These are words I could believe
when the world didn’t push back,
when the summer breeze flowed through the open car windows
and through my lungs
like water through a silver sieve
and I could dream unfettered.

We’re young hearts
All we need is a stereo.

He says it again
and I shake my head.
I don’t know,
I think all I need is a battering ram
to make me what I think I am. 



The one that got away
the word I didn’t kiss
slipped by like sheets of water
through my fingertips.
As one word left in rivulets
another came in streams
We aren’t weatherman trained to know
the ebb and flow of dreams