“Reach for the …

“Reach for the fire from heaven boldly and without apology.”

These days, it’s a funny thing to think that someone can give you a quote that has nothing to do with car insurance. Or, in fact, that someone can give you something, something like a quote, intangible and available to everyone,  at all. But the quote above is indeed a gift, one given to me by my mother in support my author-ly aspirations.

My mother is an Earl Grey Woman. Subtle, quiet, refined. She sent me this quote one night after we had discussed a struggle I was having with writing and my world changed the moment I read it. Like a taste of Earl Grey after an argument, the quote quieted me and I imagined many things were possible, all of them waiting for me to reach out and touch the flame.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you my inspirations and irritations as I embark on the journey to published author-hood. With my first novel on the way and plenty of poetry and short stories always coming to mind, I’m certain there will be much to share.

I will share the things that remind me why I love to write, the things that remind me to write what I love, and the things that inspire me to build greater fires.

My mother has given me a gift that reminds me to reach for the fire.

I am reaching. I am claiming. I am on fire.