Fairy Tales

“I guess no one cares for fairy tales,”
said Little Red to her wolfy friend.

And The Wolf said “I guess they think there’s no need. They have what the movies said.”

And Little Red put her hand on his back and ruffled it through his fur.
“If they’d get to know us, they’d see it’s different,” she said with a tear in her voice.
“It’s not all sugar and music.
Even the Mermaid plunged to her death
First with a knife like Juliet and then to the sea.”

“And nevermind what the hunter does to me…”

Red patted his head and gave him a look of apology. “If people would only look us up they’d see we have a bit more meat.”

The Wolf licked her face and crossed his front paws.
“Perhaps that is the problem,”
said he.


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